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Vaccine Data Dashboard Talking Points

Here are some talking points on what is being added/updated:

• Information on people with up to date vaccines has been added to the dashboard.
o Data on people with at least one vaccine dose and people with a completed vaccine series is still on the dashboard as well.
o The addition of people with up to date vaccines reflects current public health recommendations for vaccination. People are considered up to date on COVID-19 vaccines when they have received all vaccine doses they are recommended to get, including booster doses.
o Data on up to date vaccination has been added to several of the dashboard tabs.
o When someone is considered up to date with their vaccines is different depending on age, health status, and when a person first got vaccinated. For details on criteria for what’s included on the dashboard, see the data definitions listed below the dashboard.
• A new tab has also been added to the dashboard called “Booster/Additional Doses.” This tab includes data for people age 12 and older who are eligible for an additional dose of COVID-19 vaccine (e.g., booster) and have received one.
o The denominator for the percentages on this tab is eligible Minnesotans who received their Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least 2 months ago or who received their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine at least 5 months ago.
o That additional dose a person received is likely a booster dose, but some people with immunocompromising conditions are recommended to get an additional dose of vaccine as part of their primary series, and the timing for their booster dose is different. We are not able to differentiate between true booster doses and additional primary doses, so some people included in this data may have received an additional primary dose and are still due for a booster.
• On the “Vaccines Administered” tab, the “Third doses and booster doses administered” title was updated to “People with a booster/additional dose.” This is the same number that can also be seen on the new “Booster/Additional Doses” tab.
• Additionally, on the “Summary” tab, the dials at the bottom have been updated to include a dial for progress among the total population in Minnesota instead of CDC data on the 18+ population.
o CDC vaccination data for 18+ is still available on CDC: COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States.
• The data definitions that are posted under the dashboard have been updated, and we encourage people to carefully read the data definitions for more details on what is included I the data on each tab of the dashboard.