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FAQs Additional Booster

FAQ- Additional Booster
Why should I get a second booster if I’m eligible?
• This new information from CDC for who may receive a second booster is based on available evidence, which shows that a second booster dose of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine (both mRNA vaccines) could improve protection against severe COVID-19, especially among the elderly and those with a very weak immune system and that it is safe. Additionally, a second booster could enhance protection for people who have received two doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
• Talk to your health care provider about getting a second booster. They can help answer questions and determine if a second booster shot is right for you.

Is getting a second booster safe?
• Federal officials reviewed data on safety and determined it is safe for these groups to receive an additional booster to increase their protection against COVID-19.

Should I get my second booster now if everyone might be able to get a booster in the fall?
• People who may choose to get a second booster now should talk to their health care provider. They can help answer questions.
• While new information on booster shots could become available in the future, the best available data we have shows there are benefits for people in these specific groups to receive a second booster at least four months after their initial booster.
• Cases of COVID-19 have been lower, but we do not know if or when they could increase again.
• Getting this additional booster could be especially important for those who are at highest risk of severe COVID-19, including the elderly and those with a very weak immune system.

What if I am not yet eligible to get a second booster? Will everyone eventually need to get another booster?
• It is important to note that not everyone is eligible to get a second booster right now, and those who are eligible for a second booster need to wait until at least four months after their first booster shot.
• There may be guidance for others to get an additional booster shot in the future.
• Until then, just make sure you and your family are up to date on any vaccine doses you are recommended to get to have the best protection against COVID-19.

Why should unvaccinated people get vaccinated if we need boosters?
• Vaccination is the best protection against COVID-19 for yourself and your community. COVID-19 vaccines provide strong protection, especially against severe illness and death.
• Like many other routinely administered vaccines, boosters will be needed to keep a higher level of protection. But receiving that initial protection is important.
• For those who have not been vaccinated, now is the time. The more people who are vaccinated, the more protection we will have in our communities to help protect those who are not able to get vaccinated or who do not respond as well to the vaccine.
• The COVID-19 vaccines protect us against severe disease, hospitalization, and death.
• As we learn more about COVID-19, and as we continue to track how the vaccines are working, we will continue to follow the science and update guidance that will best protect people from the disease.