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COVID-19 Vaccines and Pregnancy

COVID-19 Vaccines and Pregnancy

People who are pregnant can get the COVID-19 vaccine

• We know that pregnant people are at a higher risk of severe COVID-19 disease compared to non-pregnant people.
• Based on how the COVID-19 vaccines work in the body, medical researchers do not think that the vaccines are a risk for people who are pregnant. But, we do not have much data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant people.
• If you are pregnant, you can choose to get vaccinated for COVID-19.
• You may want to talk with your health care provider to help you decide whether to get vaccinated, but it is not required.

The COVID-19 vaccine is safe for people who want to have a baby one day

If you are trying to become pregnant now or want to get pregnant in the future, you can get a COVID-19 vaccine when one is available to you.
• We do not have any data to say that COVID-19 vaccination causes any problems with pregnancy, including the development of the placenta.
• There is no evidence that fertility problems are a side effect of any COVID-19 vaccine.