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Ways to Find a COVID-19 Vaccine

Ways to Find a COVID-19 Vaccine Where to look
● Sign up for the Vaccine Connector ( People who sign up are randomly selected for COVID-19 vaccinations through the Community Vaccination Program.
● See which sites have COVID-19 vaccines: Find Vaccine Locations ( Check or call online at:
○ Pharmacies. Local and national chains are vaccinating people.
○ Health care systems/clinics. At many places, you do not need to be a patient to
get vaccinated there.
● Find COVID-19 vaccines near you with VaccineFinder ( You can sort
by vaccine product.
● Check your county’s website or call them to see if they offer vaccination opportunities.
Tips for getting a vaccine
● Check back often for new appointments. You may also have luck looking for appointments at a certain time of day or be able to join a waitlist.
● Know when appointments are released. Some sites release new appointments on a specific day or time; make a note to check in then. You can find this information on their website or by calling.
● Know which vaccination sites you are eligible for. Some sites are still prioritizing earlier eligibility groups.
● Preregister or have information easily available. Some sites let you enter some of your information before looking for an appointment for faster scheduling. Some sites only hold appointment for a short time. Turn on email or text alerts so you can schedule an appointment quickly if one becomes available.
● Be patient. As more vaccines become available, it will be easier to get an appointment.
Even after vaccination, wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from others in public spaces.