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Safely Ending COVID-19 Restrictions

Safely Ending COVID-19 Restrictions

May 7th

Outdoor Events –
● No capacity limits or distancing requirements.
● No mask requirement for outdoor venues of fever than 500 people

Indoor Events –
● Increased occupancy for large venues.
● Increased group size to 10

Social Gatherings
● Outdoors: No gathering limit.
● Indoors: Gathering limit increased to 50

● Outdoors: No occupancy limits
● Indoors: Table size increased to 10
● No mandatory closing time.

May 28th

Remaining capacity and sitancing restrictions end.

Certain requirements remain:
● Masks indoors and for the largest outdoor events
● Business must continue to have plans in place to keep their employees safe
● Key consumer protections.

July 1st

The statewide masking requirement will end when 70% of Minnestans age 16 and older are vaccinated – or by July 1st.