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MDMC wants you to get vaccinated!

Zakaria (Z): Hello! My name is Zakaria

Valerie (V): Hello! My name is Valerie

Z: Now, we are going to talk about vaccines. Valerie, I have a question. Have you got vaccinated yet?

V: Yes, I got vaccinated.

Z: What kind?

V: I got the Moderna vaccine. I've already got vaccinated twice.

Z: Me too, I've got Moderna too. How did you feel after the first and second doses?

V: With the first dose, I actually felt fine. With my second dose, I was a little bit sick for about 2 to 3 days. Make sure you are ready for this. However now, I'm feeling fine.

Z: That's normal. It is common with the people who will feel sick after the second dose because it shows that the immune system recognizes the infection and tries to fight off the infection.

Valerie, with the state of Minnesota, are there any vaccines available? Where can I find them?

V: Good news! Every day at the state fairgrounds you can get your vaccination there! If you haven't got vaccinated, I'm encouraging you to get vaccinated, please.

Why I'm asking you to get vaccinated because you see me and Zakaria standing right next to each other with no masks on. Since we already got vaccinated, we can do that.

Z: That's right. If most Minnesotans get vaccinated, then there will be fewer masks being used and people will be less worried.

I'm encouraging all Minnesotans to get vaccinated. If you are concerned and unsure about getting the COVID-19 vaccine or even if it's safe to get vaccinated, I suggest you do your homework and research about the COVID-19 vaccination before you go to the fairgrounds.

There are several COVID-19 Vaccination types – Moderna and Pfizer. Johnson & Johnson vaccine is still "paused", I'm not sure about that.

Oh, Valerie, you mentioned that you might be available to interpret at the fairgrounds, correct?

V: Yes, Every day, there's an ASL interpreter available from 9 AM to 7 PM. You might not feel comfortable using the ASL interpreters, if you want me to interpret for you, that's fine with me. Please contact me at least one day before getting vaccinated, I'll go with you to the fairgrounds.

Z: Also, I wanted to add what Valerie's saying, if you need Deaf Interpreter, Please contact KIS.

Text Description: Contact Keystone Interpreting Solutions (KIS) by VP: (612) 470-5190
By email:
You can ask for Valerie Shirley.

V: Remember, you can get vaccinated any time, every day at the state fairgrounds at St Paul from 9 AM – 7 PM. The interpreters are available, ready for you. I encourage all of you to get vaccinated, please.

Z: I agree. I also encourage you to share this information with your friends, your family, and even your neighbors. It's also free to get vaccinated!

V: Let us know! MDMC will support you there!

Z: See you there!