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MDH: COVID-19 Testing and Guidelines December 2021

MDH: COVID-19 Testing and Guidelines

COVID-19 testing guidelines
COVID-19 testing is available across Minnesota. If you are not fully vaccinated and were in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, get tested immediately. If it’s negative, get tested again 5-7 days after the contact. If you are fully vaccinated, get tested 5-7 days after the contact. Whether you’re vaccinated or not, get tested immediately if you start to have symptoms! Find testing locations at

Types of COVID-19 tests
Many Minnesotans are getting tested for COVID-19 this time of year, especially after gathering with others. We provide free at-home saliva PCR tests, as well as free in-person testing sites across the state. Depending on the testing site, you can get a rapid nasal swab test, a saliva PCR test, or both. Saliva PCR tests are best for people who don’t have symptoms.  Rapid antigen nasal swab tests are available at some testing sites – they offer quick results for people who can’t take a saliva test or are currently experiencing symptoms.