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Guidance for Vehicle Gatherings, Parades, and Drive-ins

Guidance for Vehicle Gatherings, Parades, and Drive-ins
Holding car gatherings for events is one way to participate and show support to each other and still avoid close contact with others. Car gatherings are events and activities primarily held in vehicles, such as parking lot gatherings, vehicle parades, and drive-ins. This guidance is for organizers of vehicle gatherings to use when planning a vehicle event. Organizers should consider what accommodations can be made to ensure equitable participation (e.g., people without access to a vehicle).
● Face coverings must be worn when leaving vehicles to use the restroom.
● Social distancing must be maintained between members of different households when
riding in a vehicle. Occupancy in any one vehicle must not exceed members from two
different households, up to 10 people.
● Any service of food, beverage, merchandise, and other goods must be offered to patrons
and spectators in a way that permits patrons and spectators to remain within their
● If vehicle windows are open, masks must be worn by the people in the vehicle.
Managing the event
● Create a traffic flow plan for how vehicles enter and exit the event.
● Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between vehicles with open windows.
● Provide symptom screening for anyone working at the event.
● Post signage outlining established protocols at the venue entrance, near restrooms, and
in areas where people may be standing in line.
● Provide controlled flow of participants as much as possible, including upon start and at
end of the event.
● Live music is allowed but carries special risks. Performers must maintain social
distancing, even during performance. These activities must also follow the requirements
of the guidance for Music Activities and Performances During COVID-19
● Limit the number of speakers and make arrangements so that they maintain distance
from others. Whenever possible, provide individual microphones for multiple speakers. If a microphone must be shared, consider cleaning between speakers or leaving it untouched on a stand.
● Face coverings are required in restrooms.
● Mark areas where people may need to line up to ensure social distancing.
● Provide an ample supply of hand sanitizer or soap and water.
● Clean facilities regularly following the cleaning and disinfection protocol in the Stay Safe
Guidance for All Business Entities
● Ensure the maximum number of guests allowed in the restroom is limited to ensure
social distancing

● Avoid passing of objects or physical contact between persons in different vehicles.
● If objects are passed from event organizers to car attendees, utilize a long arm claw or
other mechanism to maintain adequate distance between organizers and attendees. Summary
We all have a role to play in protecting ourselves and fellow Minnesotans from COVID-19. By following current Executive Orders from Governor Walz and guidelines at Stay Safe Minnesota, we can enjoy activities and events while supporting public health, slowing the spread of COVID- 19, and minimizing added strain on local communities and health care systems in Minnesota.