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Delta & Testing: We’re Ready

Delta & Testing: We’re Ready
● The rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant is concerning but we’ve weathered
this storm before, and we know what to do to protect our communities.
● Between the vaccine, testing, masking, staying home when sick, and other mitigation
strategies, Minnesota is ready to slow the spread.
● After getting vaccinated, testing remains critical to battling COVID-19 as our students
and educators have returned to school and more activities continue to move inside as the
weather turns colder.
● That’s why the state has built an all-hands-on-deck testing infrastructure that is the gold
standard for meeting Minnesotans where they are through a variety of testing options.
● In addition to testing at local providers, pharmacies and clinics, the state continues to
make free testing accessible to all communities through its test-at-home program and 11
community testing sites.
● To tackle the Delta variant head on and meet increased testing demand, the state recently
expanded its capacity by opening new community sites.
● By continually reassessing current and projected testing needs, the state will continue to
execute its all-of-the-above approach to ensure every Minnesotan has access to the free
testing they deserve to keep their families and communities safe.
● Minnesotans are encouraged to continue working together to keep our communities safe
by taking advantage of the free testing the state is offering.